Gigantic stadiums under construction emerging

PUBLISHED: August 3, 2018

Work progress in the sporting facilities on the Olembe sites in Yaounde and Japoma in Douala is very assuring.

Few months to the delivery date of the 60.000 seats sports complex in Olembe, the advancement of work is very visible.  The Italian Piccinni Company in charge with the construction of the Olembe stadium has taken a number of measures in order to respect the planning of works handed to the CAF inspectors. Amongst these measures include mobilization of supplementary working force, night shifts, addition of working sectors and working materials as well as increase in working pace. While waiting for the mounting of the roof and other finishing touches, anticipated measures have also been taken for grass to be nursed in the nursery waiting transplanting. After liberating the playing lawn platform from the cranes and other machines, this lawn shall be flooded with the green grass that will be ready for the spectacle in June 2019. The two training grounds of the annex A and B stadiums are also advancing greatly as well as the commercial centers situated at the main entrance of the stadium. Access roads and the parking lots are equally under construction for a new face look of the Olembe site.


Concerning the Japoma site in Douala, the construction of the main stadium and its annex fields have also progressed very well. The date of delivery of works is fixed for the 31st of December 2018. This concerns the 50.000 capacity stadium and the annex 1 and 2 training fields. The setting of the grandstand for the main stadium is already complete whereas the technological parts (strong and weak current electrical works, plumbing, air conditioning…) are ongoing in the dressing rooms, offices and others. The grass for the playing turf is already shooting in the nursery for the main stadium. Measures taken by the company to respect the planning of work include amongst others; mobilization of an additional work force (466 personnel from Turkey, 1054 Cameroonians giving a total of 1520 workers mobilized), in situ supply of all prefabricated metals elements for the main stadium framework and roofing.


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