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UPDATED: November 19, 2018

Under the very high impulse of the President of the Republic, Head of State, His Excellency Paul BIYA and the coordination of the Prime Minister, the organization of the 32nd edition of the Cameroon 2019 Total AFCON is a national cause that calls for the implication of all the Cameroonian Citizens. As of this day, preparations related to the Cameroon 2019 Total AFCON have greatly progressed. This progress is seen at the level of the proper organization as well as the implementations of all the facilities, in alliance with the requirements of the African Football Confederation.

For that purpose, all the actors involved in one field or the other are making sure that, construction or rehabilitation works carried out within their area of competence is done properly in other to meet up with the CAF’s requirements document. All the national and international companies to whom contracts were awarded are working day and night so as to respect the promise made by the President of the Republic that everything shall be ‘ready on the D-day’.

The constant fieldwork carried out on various sites by high personalities of the Republic (Prime Minister, Head of Government) and other experts involved (supervising consultants) motivates workers to deliver all the construction and rehabilitation works on time.

As for FECAFOOT, they are working in synergy with the local organizing comity to bring forth their knowhow into all aspects related to the organization of the Cameroon 2019 Total AFCON.

All works are to be delivered before December 2018.

Concerning the events part, technical units are working very hard to finalize all projects according to their plan of action.

In this large project, the wise recommendations and advice given by CAF Inspectors during previous inspection missions are of great impact to the efforts our country is making toward the organization of the coming African Cup of Nations. The noble advice of the President of CAF towards supporting Cameroon in a successful organization of the Cameroon 2019 Total AFCON is being implemented in all aspect of work in alliance with CAF’s requirements.

Few months ahead of the hosting of the 32nd edition of the Cameroon 2019 Total AFCON, our country is strongly implicated through various technical and sites commissions, national and international companies involved and other partners. The prime purpose of Cameroon is to organize an outstanding African Cup of Nations in its new format, which is the participation of 24 countries.



The President of COCAN

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